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30 Days of GRATITUDE ~ Sleep Meditation ~ Create Miracles in Your Life

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I have received many messages from individuals who are either stuck or struggling to manifest what they want in life, they ask for help on what they are doing wrong or if I could give them any kind of advice to help them. Also, as a therapist, I have many clients that are in very dark places just looking for a way out, looking for something, anything to help them. Now, In both cases, I give the same answer. I tell each individual the one thing that will make the most dramatic positive change in their life in the shortest amount of time. And That one thing is gratitude! And if you are wondering if I take my own advice and use gratitude in my own life, the answer is absolutely 100% yes. I try to feel gratitude daily. I do it more often in times when I am stuck or in a rut, and especially during my darkest times. The dark times where I thought things could never get any worse, and then they do. The times where it was a miracle that I could even get through the day. The times where I had to hold on and grasp tightly to the smallest joys, because there wasn’t much of it. But that is when it all began to turn around. As I started looking for the little joys in my life, I began to appreciate them. As I continued to look for the little joys, I began to see how many of these little joys there actually were in my life. I began to see the beautiful things all around me that I just took for granted or just never noticed before. Now, I never want to go back to that darkness, but I am truly grateful for that experience, because even the suffering and pain I felt then opened my eyes to the beauty all around me and helped me to truly appreciate the little things and help me enjoy life so much more. Gratitude improves your life in so many ways. It allows you to feel and experience more joy in your life. It actually changes your mindset from lack and limitation to a mindset of abundance in all areas of your life. It even allows you to manifest what you want into your life as you confidently speak it before it actually happens. Because What we focus on most, we will begin to attract more of into our lives. Gratitude is the one thing that will truly create miracles in your life This meditation is a challenge to you. A challenge to take a little time out of your day for the next 30 days to create that feeling of gratitude. To fill yourself up to the brim with gratitude. Whether that be with this meditation or just on your own. With just 30 days of mindful gratitude in your life, you will begin to see your life transform for the better. You will begin to see miracles happening in your life. You will begin to manifest what you want. This meditation will bring you down into a deep relaxation, allowing you to ingrain your powerful thoughts of gratitude into your subconscious mind just as you are falling asleep. Your subconscious is most susceptible to suggestion in that twilight, the time right between being awake and asleep.