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AIM HIGH ~ Sleep Meditation ~ Set High Goals and Manifest Them

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I believe there are many reasons why most individuals do not aim high or set high goals or standards for themselves. First of all, many believe that what they want, is impossible to achieve, or at least damn near impossible. They believe that the small chance of success is not worth the time and effort needed to put into it, because what if you fail? All the exhausting effort and time is for nothing! Some people may believe they are just not capable. Not intelligent enough, not good looking enough, not enough resources, don’t have a good personality. Any reason you think of, I’m sure someone has used it. So what happens then? People set low standards and aim low. Setting goals that they know they can achieve. So what they aim for is ENOUGH. People aim for enough to get by, enough to pay the bills, good enough relationships, good enough health. SO.. when people Aim for enough, they get exactly what they aim for. Just enough. It’s difficult seeing so many people aim for average, the middle. Then their whole life becomes a long exhausting journey to the middle. BUT…The beautiful thing is, the amazing thing is, when you aim high, you will not need to work any harder or longer, than if you aim low. I know this may not make complete sense, but I will explain. When you consciously set a goal, you give your mind aim and direction, and what will happen is, your mind will automatically move in that direction, attracting to you the goal that you set. It is Your subconscious mind that will be doing the heavy lifting in accomplishing this goal. Your subconscious mind will make you consciously aware of any opportunities, solve any problems, create whatever is needed to accomplish its goal. This is all done in the background with very little conscious effort from you. That is why when you aim for enough, you will get enough, and when you aim for the stars, you will reach them. So Aim High and set high standards. Don’t worry about what people think, because the ones who doubt you are the ones who will be struggling for just enough their entire life. And What will happen is, you will begin to attract the people who also understand this truth, the people who also set high standards for themselves. You will attract the circumstances that will live up to your high standards, and one day you will open your eyes and see that you are living upon the stars you once aimed for. This meditation will help you AIM HIGH, and allow you to ingrain your goals deep into your subconscious mind all as you fall asleep. Listening nightly will deliver best results.