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Become GENIUS Sleep Meditation ~ Develop the Genius Mindset

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This meditation was made to help you find and help you manifest the genius inside of you. Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted“ In the minds of genius we find once more Our own neglected thoughts.”
What this means is, The genius doesn’t have different thoughts than the rest of us. They are simply more aware and listen to these thoughts rather than throw them away.
You may ask why people would kill off most of their thoughts. Well, this is because of anxiety, for fear of seeming strange to others. We have become experts at what not to say and what not to think. This is a normal thing as most people have the need to be liked and get along with others. Because of this, many geniuses seem strange or awkward, but They have the ability to think against the grain and have the courage to do or say what everyone else is thinking but who are just afraid to say it.
Now to become a genius, you don’t need to be an awkward recluse that has no friends. All you need to do is develop an awareness. An awareness of your thoughts
We all have a genius inside of us if we pay careful attention to what is passing through our consciousness.
This meditation, will help you develop this genius awareness, and engrain it into your subconscious mind.