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DEEP DREAMS ~ Meditation ~ Best Sleep of Your Life

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Every single day, we are faced with an abundance of problems. Especially in times like today. We deal with all the problems of the world. Disease and pandemics, Racism and persecution, sexism, global warming, politics, and the economy, crime, and poverty. Day to day, we never know what to expect, what is coming next, or how to deal with these mounting challenges. How do we function with so much uncertainty and fear in our daily lives? That doesn’t even take into account our own personal problems. Because, No matter who you are where you live, how much money you have, we all have problems. We all experience suffering in one way or another. It may be on the surface, or you may try to bury it down below, some of these problems we can solve, and other problems we have no control over. With all these problems, our mind races to try and figure out how to solve these problems, playing out possible scenarios and interactions. Because that’s what our brain does. It solves problems. Even at night as we try to sleep our minds continues to race. Always on, working in the background, trying to complete the unfinished business of the day, solving the unsolved problems. Now, this meditation was not created to help you solve all these problems. It was created to help you rest. Help your body rest, and most importantly, help your mind rest. When your mind is able to rest, you will receive the deepest sleep of your life. Now, If you have ever had a difficult time falling asleep, with your mind racing all night, you already know that it’s not as easy as it sounds to truly allow your mind to rest. So I have created this meditation including several proven techniques to promote sleep and allow you to receive the best sleep of your life. These tools include guided relaxation techniques, binaural frequencies that will gently influence your brainwaves into a relaxed state, then into a very deep sleep, further, relaxing music and sounds of nature will be in this meditation, which have been proven to promote relaxation and a deeper sleep. Finally, by Using a binaural microphone, this will trigger the effects of you Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ASMR. Creating relaxing sensations through the body. Yes. I have pulled out all the stops to help you get the best sleep of your life and truly allow your mind to receive the much needed rest it deserves. Please use headphones to obtain the full benefits of this meditation, and lets begin.