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GROW RICH While You Sleep Meditation ~ Grow into Wealth

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This meditation was created to help you grow wealth and riches in your life. It will not only help you attract riches, but it will change your mindset to growth. Allowing you to continue to grow richer and wealthier every single day of your life. Because With growth, you have more than just money. You have the knowledge and the wisdom to make and earn wealth in your life. With your mindset of growth, your wealth and riches will grow larger and larger. And when your wealth continues to grow and grow, it strengthens your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs involving money. When you see your wealth growing, you continue to have a mindset of growth and prosperity. But if you have a lump sum of money without the mindset of growth, you will see that money dwindling away. You may have a large amount of money, but as the money dwindles, you begin to create a feeling of loss and lack. Causing you to attract more of this into your life. For instance, it’s no coincidence how most people who win the lottery end up spending all their winnings and even end up creating huge amounts of debts. Have you ever heard the expression that the poor get poorer while the rich get richer? It’s a mindset and an understanding of money that sets these groups apart. The poor person with a lot of money will spend it all until they are poor again. While the rich individual will continue to grow their wealth because of their growth mindset and wisdom of growth. The amazing thing is, it does not matter if you are poor now. It doesn’t matter if you are broke or have huge amounts of debt. The moment you change your mindset to growth, you will become one of the rich. Why??? It’s because once you change your mindset to growth, your journey to riches becomes inevitable. This meditation will bring you down into a deep relaxing state where you will begin to set your intentions for growth, developing the subconscious mind into a powerful tool for growth. All as you fall asleep. Wealth and growth affirmations will follow which will engrain the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of growth into the mind. Listening to this meditation nightly will help you develop a powerful mindset for growth, allowing you to attract more and more riches into your life.