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Happiness SLEEP MEDITATION ~ How to MANIFEST Your Dream Life

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There are key moments in everyone’s day. Key moments that truly decide the fate of your life. What people call fate or destiny is merely our subconscious mind guiding us. And in these key moments, we have the ability to create anything, manifest anything by simply giving our subconscious mind the directions.
We live out our subconscious thoughts, well subconsciously. Making decisions and taking actions that are unconscious to us. We don’t think about it, we just do it. Living out these self-fulfilling prophecies. So in these key moments, we are literally forming our future, we are manifesting our lives, creating our destiny. You are in control of your destiny. These key moments are the first hour after you wake up and the last 20 minutes before you go to sleep. This meditation will help you create your dream life by guiding you through the last 20 minutes before you sleep, and continue to feed your subconscious mind through the night with positive affirmations.
This is called the Happiness while you sleep meditation because when you understand how the subconscious works, you will know that there is no need to become depressed about the past or anxious about the future. Everything will work out effortlessly, and you will be able to live in the moment. When you are truly able to live your life in the moment, you will experience such joy and happiness that you have never felt before.