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LET GO - Manifest Meditation - Listen as you Fall Asleep

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Welcome to dauchsy’s manifest meditation. To truly let go, means that you are sacrificing part of yourself. It means that you are letting go of what you are attached to. Attachment can be to physical things, to people, attachment to your own personality, ideas, attachment to money and status, even attachment to love. To truly let go, you need to free yourself from these attachments.
Because it isn’t until we truly let go, that we can finally free ourselves, and open ourselves up to new things, ideas, people, open ourselves up to growth. It isn’t until we let go of the things that no longer serve us that we can finally begin to open ourselves up to the things we truly need and desire in our lives. All the things we hold on to are like walls, blocking you from what you truly want in life, blocking you from creating the life you deserve.