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In this meditation, you will be guided into a state where you will be setting your intentions, visualizing, and manifesting your dream job all while you go to sleep. The 5 minutes right before falling asleep is called the twilight stage. In this stage, you are in the area between your conscious and unconscious mind. And this is the most powerful time to set your intentions on what you want to manifest. You have the ability to consciously speak with the subconscious mind and give it specific directions on what you want. And your subconscious can do nothing other than follow these directions and find the perfect solution… all while you are asleep. It is completely effortless.
Now, Whether you are looking for the perfect job right now, or still figuring out what you want to do, understand that you are limitless in this area. Wherever your heart takes you, trust it. It can be easy to allow fear to make decisions like this in your life. The fear of having enough money, enough time, enough intelligence, enough energy. A job can take up much of a person’s life, So it is worth the extra time to really think about what you want to do without having these fears hold you back. You could wake up every morning dreading to go to work wasting your life, or….you can wake up with joy and excitement, tap dancing to work because it’s not just a job, it’s a passion. You can have this and you will have this when you see it in your mind… and believe it..