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Ready to RECEIVE ~ Sleep Meditation ~ Receive While You Sleep

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Life works in incredible ways. If you truly look closely at life, your life, your life experiences, You will realize that life will give you exactly what you want, but only when you are ready to receive it. It’s as if there was some universal force or all-knowing entity that knows when you are ready to receive. It will open your eyes at the perfect moment, giving you extraordinary insight and incredible wisdom that was absent up until that point. When you are truly ready to receive, like a bolt of lightning, you will have a flash of insight, you will begin to see the world in a different way. the problems and puzzles that were once too difficult to solve, will begin to make sense and piece themselves together. Opportunities will open up for you. It will be so obvious that, you will ask yourself, how did I not see this before? It will be the same world you have always lived in, and the only difference is, that you are ready to receive, and you will begin to receive what you truly want and desire in life. This meditation will guide you in becoming ready to receive. Guided visualization will give your subconscious mind the aim and direction in creating the reality that you desire. Listening to this meditation nightly will open your mind and your heart, allowing you to receive that which you truly desire in life. Music: Wind Of The Rainforest Preview by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Nowhere Land by Alexander Nakarada ( Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License