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SOULMATE Manifest~ Sleep Meditation ~ Guided Meditation for Sleep

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Welcome to Dauchsy’s Manifest series. This meditation was made to help you manifest your soul mate all while you sleep. You may know specifically what you want in a soulmate, or you may have no idea what you are looking for in a partner, but you do know that you want someone to connect with, love, share your ideas and feelings with, and share your soul with. Because that’s what a soulmate is. Someone who loves you unconditionally, and you love them same way. Someone who makes your life better, someone who you trust completely without a doubt. You are so comfortable with this person that it seems like you have known them for several lifetimes. Your soulmate brings the best out of you, even when it’s difficult. If this is something you want, please continue with this meditation, as you are on your way to manifesting it into your life.