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The SECRET of ATTRACTION ~ Attraction while you Sleep Meditation ~ Positive Affirmations

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So what is the secret to manifest anything in your life? Well, first I want to do a little experiment with you. I want you to repeat to yourself these following words. “I deserve everything I get” “I deserve everything I want” Now after you said these words, how did it make you feel? If you’d like, Please Leave a comment, Let me know your thoughts of the experiment. What did you feel and think after speaking these words to yourself? If you are like most people, you will feel bad or have negative feelings after speaking these words. What Most people will feel, is resistance or have disbelief when telling themselves that they deserve something good in their life. So why do we have these negative feelings when we speak of deserving something? Are we not deserving of good things? And If we are, who determines if we are deserving or not? Before I create even more questions for you than answers, I will get to the point and tell you the secret to manifest anything in your life. So the secret is, We receive in our lives exactly what we deserve. but here’s the kicker… You are the only one who decides what You deserve. I believe we all understand this fact subconsciously, but there are a couple things that stop us from believing we deserve good things in our lives, the things that cause us to have that negative feeling when we tell ourselves we deserve something good. The first factor is this. We believe that if we have or deserve more of what we want, that means that others have less or deserve less of what they want. We believe it’s wrong to be greedy. For example, if we receive more money, that means we are taking money from others. If we receive more of the pie, there is less pie to go around for others. But the fact is, this may have been the case hundreds of years ago, but today, due to innovation and technology, there is more than enough abundance to go around. Not only is the pie bigger, but there are many many more pies to go around. So if you make more money, you are able to spend that money to help others have more money. If you receive love in your life, you are better able to give love to others. So the more you receive, the more you have the ability to give to others. The second factor is this, it is natural for people to compare themselves to others and make connections with those comparisons. For example, we believe that you need to be smart and go to college to make a good living. If you do not fit into this box, you tell yourself subconsciously that you do not deserve to make a good living. We may also believe that we need be pretty or attractive for anyone to love us. If we do not believe we are attractive, we begin to believe that we do not deserve to be loved. Now because we make these connections and are told these things every single day of our lives, we begin to believe them, and they begin to ingrain themselves deep into your subconscious minds. So even when we tell ourselves we deserve something, our subconscious mind shoots us that resistance and says, welp, no you don’t fit into this box, so you actually don’t deserve it. I believe this is how Karma works. The belief that your present intentions and actions influence your future in a good or bad way. If you do good now, you will be rewarded in the future, and if you do bad, you will be punished in the future. What goes around, comes around. But who keeps score? Who determines good and bad? It is Ourselves, it is our own subconscious mind. You and only you determine what you deserve in life. And as long as it’s not the act of harming others, I believe you deserve anything you want and desire. And if you believe it, you will receive it. This meditation will help you achieve this by guiding you deep down into the subconscious mind as you fall asleep, the time when your subconscious is most susceptible to suggestion. You will implement the positive belief that you truly deserve what you want. With visualization and a change in beliefs, you will begin to swiftly manifest what you want into your life effortlessly. Positive affirmations will follow to help ingrain these positive beliefs into your subconscious mind as you sleep.