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THIS is the KEY ~ Manifest Anything ~ SLEEP MEDITATION

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This meditation was inspired by the ideas and theories of Gregg Braden who explains and merges spiritual wisdom with modern science. So Without getting too scientific, I will explain the key to manifesting anything you want and the secret to creating a beautiful world around you.
I have been using the law of attraction for many years now and the things that have happened in my life since, I see as nothing short of miracles and magic. But for some reason I still have a difficult time believing it because I can not logically explain how We can manifest things magically with our minds. But then I began to think, what if a person from as short as 200 years ago came to our present time. They would look around and believe this world is working through magical forces. But of course we all know that what they see as magic is merely science and technology. And that’s where I think we are at with the law of attraction. Currently, We see it as magic because we cannot fully explain it scientifically. But I believe we are close. And I will briefly explain Gregg Bradens theory of why the law of attraction works as well as other spriritual practices such as prayer.
Science has discovered that there is actually no physical matter in the universe, but instead everything is merely made up of energy. And Two of the main forces that guide this energy are electrical and magnetic forces.

Now, There is one organ in the human body that produces the strongest electrical and magnetic field. Most people would assume it to be the brain, but in fact, the organ that has the strongest electrical and magnetic field is the heart. Which has an electrical field 100 times stronger than the brain, and a magnetic field thousands of times stronger than the brain.

This is important because the science states that if you change the electric field or the magnetic field of an atom/ or the energy around you, you actually change that atom/ you change that energy.

Scientists have also discovered that in the field of quantum energy which is what you, everyone and everything is made of, all possibilities already exist. Ill say that again, All possibilities already exist. So, In the quantum field of possibilities, you are already healed, you are already in a wonderful relationship, you are already successful and prosperous, joy is already abundant in your life. Everything good and bad, already exist in the quantum field of possibilities.

And here’s the amazing part, Scientists have found that with our mind, we reach into those possibilities, we visualize and imagine our healing, our abundance, our joy, our peace, we imagine that wonderful relationship with our mind, and that is how we lock that possibility into place, and with our heart, we give that possibility life! We breath life into the image of our mind, through the feeling in our heart, and make it a reality in our world. Belief is the KEY, because it is the union of thought and emotion. It comes from the heart and brings our visualizations and feelings into our reality.

So in this meditation, I will guide you in merging the visualization in the mind with the belief in your heart, and manifest them into your reality.