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Energy while you Sleep Meditation - Secret of Motivation

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This meditation was created to help you create an unlimited source of energy inside you. I don’t mean the spark or flash of energy that lasts a few hours or a day. I mean a source of energy that burns inside you like a fire and the more you use this meditation, the more you build that fire as you allow it to grow stronger and stronger every day.

What I am about to tell you is actually quite simple, though it’s not the knowledge part that’s difficult as you will see, but instead it is the part of taking action. And this meditation will retrain your subconscious  in a way that will allow you to take action at the perfect opportunities in your waking life. And this will all appear to be effortless.

The first step is letting go of all the distractions. We naturally build up thoughts and feelings that need to be released. This is a basic aspect of meditation and helps you reset the mind clearing out all the unnecessary things in our mind and body.

The next part in creating that unlimited source of energy, is following your life purpose. Some may call it their passion, their calling, their meaning. We all have it and we all know what it is whether consciously or subconsciously. Every step you take towards living your life purpose will allow you to grow and fuel the fire inside you. But many have chosen a different path. They have chosen to ignore that inner voice,, and that strong flame they may have once had has now died out. But it’s ok. Life can be difficult for everyone. And the suffering may become overwhelming at times. And if this is you, maybe you have been guided to this meditation for a reason. Because this meditation will help you get that fire back, that source of unlimited energy and happiness in your life. Retraining your subconscious and allowing you to take those positive steps toward your life purpose. Toward the beautiful life you are meant to live. As every step forward you take will only give you more energy and make you stronger.