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VIBRATION - The Secret to Manifesting - Sleep Meditation

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In the background you will begin to hear a frequency, this frequency will emit a vibration in your mind which will bring you into a deep focused meditative state. It creates vibrations which are optimal for programming your heightens your awareness and visualization ability. further in the meditation, the frequency will change to a vibration that will create a calmness and relaxation to come over your body and mind that will help you delve into a deep restful sleep.

 Vibration is not only good for focus or helping you sleep, but it can be used to manifest anything you want in life.

 According to research by the university of California, They have created a theory called The “resonance theory of consciousness” I will place a link in the description below if you would like to research further. The research suggests that resonance—another word for synchronized vibrations—is at the heart of not only human consciousness but of all physical reality.

This theory explains how the vibrations you create in your mind and body effects your reality around you. It means that, the world reflects back to you the vibrations you are emitting. I will repeat that again. You attract back to you the vibrations you create.


So in this meditation, you will be creating a vibration in your mind and body of what you truly want to attract into your life. This incredible technique allows you to attract whatever you want and need, the right people, specific things, circumstances, abundance into your life. Anything you want. All as you fall asleep.