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WEALTH Sleep Meditation~Vol 2~Manifest Wealth and Prosperity

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This guided meditation is the second installment of MANIFEST WEALTH WHILE YOU SLEEP. This audio is a much improved addition to the first wealth while you sleep, in that it will elicit much stronger emotions and feelings towards attracting wealth as well as create a visualization much more powerful than the previous audio. And as you know Visualization and emotion are the strongest factors in attracting what you want into your life. This guided meditation will create an unbreakable belief in your conscious and subconscious mind that will drive you, and attract to you all the wealth that you desire. You will begin to see opportunities that you have never seen before. Everything will seem as if it is just falling into place, effortlessly. All you need to do, is use the techniques in this audio nightly as you go to sleep, and you will begin to see how powerful you truly are as wealth begins to flow into your life.
The fact is, you truly are a limitless being and have the ability to manifest whatever you want.